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Introduction of Antenna Measurement System

With the continuous development of society, the development of the communications market has also promoted the growth of the antenna industry. The antenna is one of the most important parts of the communication system. The performance of the antenna measurement system can directly affect the operating quality of the entire communication network. So how to achieve rapid design delivery and verification without affecting the accuracy of antenna measurement? This is an important key for antenna R&D companies to win in the fierce market competition.

In terms of the antenna measurement system, HBTE has launched the antenna far-field measurement system, antenna near-field measurement system and compact field measurement system. We have our own R&D team to fully meet the various needs of customers and solve various specific problems for customers, and a targeted design optimization program is also available. We constantly develop the depth and breadth in the satellite communication industry and strive to become a world-class supplier of satellite communication equipment, the CATR antenna test system, and RF system solution.

Product performance of antenna measurement system

Wider frequency range coverage: High-sensitivity amplitude-phase receiver is the core, through the configuration of different microwave and millimeter wave spread spectrum modules, it can realize 0.1~325GHz full frequency band test;

Complete test method support: flat, cylindrical near field, far field;

Full system design capabilities: darkroom design, turntable/scanning frame selection, equipment configuration, etc., to solve the trouble of multi-unit communication for users;

Comprehensive instrument and equipment support: support domestic and foreign mainstream testing instruments and mechanical control equipment, and users have ample room for equipment selection;

Rich experience in engineering technology: Provide one-stop service, realize a true turnkey project, and ensure continuous and perfect service.

Product advantages of antenna measurement system

In the civil and military fields, antennas are widely used.

The continuous development of test methods for antenna measurement systems and the emergence of new methods have improved test efficiency and accuracy.

The technological development of the antenna measurement system has promoted the progress of test technology.

The antenna test frequency range continues to expand: low frequency and high frequency.

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