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Coaxial Load

The coaxial terminal load as the energy absorption element in the system is used for the end connection of coaxial transmission system and is generally used for the system test of RF signal transmission. It has the characteristic impedance matching with the transmission line.

Coaxial load can improve the matching performance of the circuit, which is usually connected to the terminal of the circuit. It can also be called a terminal load or a matching load.  There might have been unconnected coaxial ports in many application environments, such as radio equipment, electronic instruments, and various microwave devices. The idle port will lead to signal leakage, make the signal from the nearby equipment enter, and cause crosstalk to the line. In order to avoid this kind of problem, the general solution is to connect a coaxial load that can match the impedance between the spare channel and the test port. It can not only ensure the signal impedance matching but also significantly reduce the signal leakage of the vacant port and the mutual interference between the systems.

Coaxial Load

Types of Coaxial Load

FAQs of HBTE Coaxial Load

What is the function of impedance matching?

Impedance matching refers to a suitable match between signal source or transmission line and load. Impedance matching has two main functions: adjusting load power and suppressing signal reflection.

If I exceed the maximum input level, will I burn out the fixed attenuator?

This is not recommended as it may cause data distortion or burn down coaxial load.

All of HBTE coaxial load are tested and specified at 50Ω impedance, can I use them at 75Ω?

It is not recommended.If you need key specifications for the 75 Ω system, please contact our salesman.

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