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Corrugated Horn Antenna

 A corrugated horn antenna is formed by embedding a corrugated slot in the inner wall of the horn antenna. HBTE corrugated horn antenna has the characteristics of high gain, small reflection and wide frequency band. It is the suitable irradiator for all kinds of high-performance antennas and become the main type of irradiator for various microwave antennas.Its working frequency from 22Ghz to 40Ghz and its standard gain from 10 dB to 20dB. Corrugated horn antenna provides monopolarization and dual polarization.

Corrugated Horn Antenna





Method Gain (dB)

Typical value



Port Isolation


Output Interf

ace Size


Withstand Power


1DCH-22-29-D1022-29Dual polarization10<2>352.92-K140*φ9820
2DCH-22-29-D2022-29Dual polarization20<2>302.92-K250*φ9820
3DH-24-42-D1424-42Dual polarization14<2>402.4-K144.4*φ13020
4DCH-24-44-D1424-44Dual polarization14<2>222.4-K98.6*φ9820
5SH-26.5-40-D1526.5-40Single polarization15<2/2.92-K93.8*φ30.620


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