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Fix Phase Shift Matrix

    Fix phase shift matrix is a test system intended to provide beamforming test capabilities to the coaxial network air interface in a system test environment, between RU and UE (simulator). It is compact and integrated in a standard chassis with a height of 19 inches in 5U. It has 32 input ports and 16 output ports. It is composed of four 4X4 and four 8X4 butler matrix units.This fix phase shifter matrix is manufactured with SMA connectors and has a high power handling of 38dBm. Our SMA fix phase shifter matrix has a minimum frequency of 2.3Ghz and a maximum frequency of 2.7 GHz.

Electrical Specifications at 25°C Of Fix Phase Shift Matrix

Minimum supported Frequency (MHz)


Maximum supported Frequency (MHz)


Maximum VSWR @Antenna ports


Maximum VSWR @Direction ports


Maximum Insertion loss (dB)


Relative Phase error between paths in any

given 100 MHz within Frequency Range


Maximum Insertion loss variation



Maximum Insertion loss variation in any

given 100 MHz within Frequency Range,

per path (dB)


Minimum Average Power per port (dBm)



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