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Fixed Attenuator

HBTE coaxial fixed attenuator connectors are mainly 2.92mm, N-type and SMA type. The connectors are divided into male and female, which can be bidirectional and directional, depending on the rated power. Our fixed attenuator is manufactured according to the requirements of precision industrial technology. The body structure is aluminum fin heat sink which makes fixed attenuator chilled naturally and the material is ternary alloy electroplating on copper or stainless steel.

Fixed attenuator is an energy consuming element that absorbs power and turns it into heat. If the power of the attenuator exceeds this limit, the attenuator will be burned.So we used excellent heat dissipation structure to enhance the anti burn ability of our attenuator. At the same time, we adopt a excellent technology to make the VSWR of both ends of the attenuator as lower as possible. Our fixed attenuators can be widely used in mobile communication, aviation, television and other fields of scientific research.


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