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Automation Device

Automation Device

HBTE has accumulated years of experience and innovations in the field of microwave RF, aiming to provide customers with excellent RF products. Our automation products can be characterized as accurate, user-friendly, and cost-effective. It can help you to control your power supply, signal source, and network remotely. When you need to control your supply or signal source, no matter where you are, you can use our devices to easily control the machines placed in the server rooms, data centers, remote telecom sites, and anywhere else that you want. We also sincerely provide you with remote monitoring, remote sensing control, remote environmental monitoring, and other remote control products, which can help you easily realize the unmanned management of the engine room or working environment!

Types of Automation Device

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FAQs Automation Device

How to remote control power?

Through the network cable, the host computer or script can connect remotely and send the control command to control

What is the advantage of using a programmable power breaker?

It can be used for remote power on or power off of equipment, or other remote control needs

What is programmable power breaker used for?

In the office, you can control or monitor many devices in the laboratory or computer room

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