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OTA System

OTA System

OTA test is an important test in wireless device certification. After CTIA has formulated the OTA standards,more and more attention has been paid to the radiation performance test of the entire device in the wireless performance test,which reflects the final transmitting and receiving performance of the equipment to be tested. At present,there are mainly two methods to investigate the radiation performance of the device: one is to judge the radiation performance of the antenna,which is the traditional antenna test method, called passive test; the other is to test the radiation power and receiving sensitivity of the UE in a specific anechoic chamber,called active test.


HBTE offers cutting-edge technologies for the OTA test for decades of experience in the field of testing and measurement.Enhancing the speed and accuracy of wireless connectivity testing,as well as the reliability of SISO and MIMO technologies,our systems are integral to meeting the challenges of sub 6G and Mmwave technology.

Types of OTA System

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