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Power Divider

As the name implies RF power dividers and combiners are used to split a single input into more than one output and divide the power equally. Accordingly, combiners are used to combine more than one input into a single output.

RF power dividers and combiners from HBTE are available in  2 way, 3 way, 4 way, 6 way, 8 way ,16 way, and 32-way port configurations. Our devices have SMA,N connectors and are reactive or resistive types. We provide frequency ranges from 0 (DC) to 18GHz. Our RF power dividers have maximum power between .5 watts and 50 watts. If you order our power divider, it will be ship from our enterprises' ISO 9001:2008 quality system certified manufacturing factory.

Power Divider

Types of Power Divider

ModelWaysFrequency(Ghz)Power(W)Isolation (dB)VSWRConnector

FAQs of HBTE Power Divider

What is a power divider?

Power Dividers are passive RF devices that split an input signal into more than one output signals with minimal losses.

What is the difference between power divider and power splitter?

It is technically the same thing, Power dividers are often referred to as splitters. But engineers typically reserve the word “splitter” to mean an inexpensive resistive structure that splits power over very wide bandwidth but has a considerable loss and limited power handling.

How does a RF power divider work?

RF power dividers are used to split a single RF line into more than one line and divide the power, and combiners are used to combine more than one feed line into a single one.

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