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RF shielded Box / Cabinet

RF shielded Box / Cabinet

Shielded box is a kind of metal body made of conductive or magnetic materials, which limits the electromagnetic ability in a certain space and is used to suppress radiation interference. And the conduction and radiation are processed, in order to provide a non-interference test environment for the tested wireless communication equipment.

HBTE technologies offer series of shielded products, from single shielded box to Stacked shielded cabinet. We’re fully confident that choosing HBTE can help you keep leading status in the field of testing and measurement.

Types of Rf shielded Box / Cabinet

Video Of RF shielded Box / Cabinet


Applications of RF Shielded Box / Cabinet

  • Application wireless communication test

  • EMI test

  • Coupling test

  • RF function test

  • Receiver sensitivity test

  • Transmitter radiated power test

  • Bluetooth,DAB/DMB

  • EMI and EMS test of small UHF equipment

  • Mobile phone, Bluetooth, wireless router and other equipment, complete machine or chip test

FAQs Of Rf Shielded Box/Cabinet

How many types of shielded box in there?

There are three types of shielded box:Manual,Penumatic and electric.

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