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RF Shielded Room / Chamber

RF Shielded Room / Chamber

HBTE offers cutting-edge technologies for the visualisation of electromagnetic waves. We can provide RF shielding rooms, RF shielding chambers or anechoic chambers for sale. HBTE RF shielded rooms have many application scenarios in electromagnetic signal shielding processing, such as mobile phone functional test scene in the laboratory, indoor wireless signal coverage, shielding processing in the control room, etc. HBTE RF isolation chambers can be divided into functional test rooms and performance test rooms. HBTE has a professional R & D, production and construction team, which can provide professional after-sale service training.

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FAQs Of RF Shielded Room/Chamber

What is shielded room?

The EMI shielded chamber is an enclosure designed according to the principle of the "Faraday cage". It mainly uses various shielded materials to form a system, which can block the indoor and outdoor radio signals and ensure that the external radio signals will not interfere with the interior of the EMI shielded chamber. But the signals inside the RF screen room will be reflected and superimposed on the inner wall. There are four types of electromagnetically EMI shielded rooms: steel plate assembly type, steel plate welding type, steel plate directly attached type, and copper mesh type.

What is RF anechoic chamber?

The RF anechoic chamber is based on the shielded chamber, and the absorbing material is laid on the inner wall to simulate the effect of an open field. The electromagnetic wave emitted from the RF rooms will be absorbed, and the mixed wave effect of reflection superposition will not be produced.

What is electromagnetic shielded room used for?
  1. EMI shielded chamber can Isolate external electromagnetic interference.

  2. Ensure the normal operation of indoor electronic and electrical equipment.

  3. Block the diffusion of indoor electromagnetic radiation to the outside world.

  4. Prevent information leakage of electronic communication equipment, and ensure information security.

How to build a shielded room?

In order to build a shielded room, a suitable installation site is needed first, and then the RF shielded room is designed according to the actual size of the site. The design of the RF shielded room needs to consider the actual use scenarios. The RF shielding room is mainly composed of the following parts: shell, electromagnetically shielded door, honeycomb ventilation waveguide window, strong and weak current filter, wave intercepting duct, indoor electrical, indoor decoration, RF test port.

What is anechoic chamber used for?

The function of the anechoic chamber is to prevent the interference of external electromagnetic waves and to make the measurement activities not affected by the external electromagnetic environment. The RF shielded room can also prevent the test signal from radiating out to form interference sources, polluting the electromagnetic environment, and causing interference to other electronic devices.

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