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With the continuous development of the electronic industry and communication technology, intelligence and wireless have become an inevitable trend. An important problem derived therefrom is electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). EMC studies the interference and anti-interference of electronic products or their systems and improves the anti-interference ability of products and studies the transmission characteristics through the analysis of experimental means. Each country has also formulated corresponding standards to define transmission limits and protect the normal use of its communication band. The general EMC problems are divided into EMI and EMS, in which radiation emission is the difficulty and key point of the EMI part. At present, the most commonly used radiation test site is the semi-anechoic chamber (SAC), which is an alternative field to open up the test site. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, space-saving, weather free, etc. Combining with the EMI measurement receiver, signal source, power amplifier, and antenna equipment, radiation emission can be carried out. And the measurement of radiation immunity.

Whether you are a research and development team of electronic products, a testing certification authority, or a research institute, we can deliver you a high-quality EMC radiation testing system solution, which can provide three testing scenarios: radiation emission test, and radiation immunity test, radiation stray test. At the same time, it can provide a testing environment that meets the common international standards such as CISPR, ANSI, IEC, and so on. From site planning, design, simulation, engineering construction, system debugging, equipment, software, training, and so on to form a one-stop turnkey solution.

This solution consists mainly of the following components:

Scheme design;

Darkroom and shielding room;

Turntable, antenna tower, monitoring;

Test equipment and instruments;

Test software;

System integration and debugging;

Training and technical support.

This scheme is highly customizable. According to your requirements, we can design a 9kHz-110GHz test system, which combines with the test equipment and software to fully meet your EMC radiation test requirements.The test system meets and is not limited to the following test standards: ANSI C63.4 EN 55016; EN 55011; EN55022; EN / IEC 61000-4-3; EN / IEC 61000-4-6; CISPR 11; CISPR 13; CISPR 14.1; CISPR 15; CISPR 16; CISPR 17; CISPR 22; CISPR 25; CISPR 32; CISPR 35; IEC 601-1-2; FCC 15; FCC 18...


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