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What Is a Horn Antenna?

A horn antenna is used to direct radio frequency (RF) microwave signals into the air in a specific direction. By controlling the direction of the waves, they can cover much more distances with higher accuracy. And this can help information travel longer distances in less time in a more reliable way.

Horn antenna has different functions and benefits human being a lot. HBTE technologies offer a series of RF antennae, from the logarithmic antenna,  quad ridged horn antenna to dual-polarized Vivaldi antenna.

Ⅰ. The horn antenna can activate the tornado alarm

In the computer age, these transmission technologies are especially important when disasters occur. Radiofrequency microwaves do not require much power, and horn antennas do not require electricity. This allows the signal to be transmitted using a low-level generator if the main power supply fails. In the United States, horn antennas are often used in the Midwest to transmit tornado information and activate tornado warnings. 

Ⅱ. The horn antenna is used in the collision avoidance procedure on the aircraft

The horn antenna can also relay information over a larger distance through a relay system. This will allow the signal to be sent from one place, received in the next place, and then possibly retransmitted in the other direction. In theory, this can connect the entire country during large-scale natural disasters, and maintain the flow of information even if the disaster becomes more widespread.

The horn antenna, like the ham radio, is an ancient technology and still very useful. People quickly realized how easy it is to cut off telephone communication through landlines and mobile phones. Using a horn antenna can make information reach far away. Distance makes the situation clear and enables others to be better prepared to help.

The booster horn antenna takes the horn antenna to the next level. They are used to keep in touch with objects in space. Radio frequency microwaves can propagate even in the absence of an atmosphere, and can be used to track and communicate with satellites and other orbiting objects. The booster horn antenna needs a special coating to handle the stronger radio wave emission. Lenses are also used to help focus the divergent energy and keep it in the correct direction.

Gain horn antennas are usually used in security military communication systems and aircraft. These antennas are particularly relevant in point-to-point radio links and collision avoidance procedures on aircraft, and even small personal aircraft rely on horn antennas to provide accurate information about the movement of the surrounding area. This helps them avoid obstacles, whether they are moving or stationary.

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