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Passive Component

Passive Component

HBTE provides trusted passive components
Such as passive attenuator, coaxial load, power divider and fixed phase shift matrix.

HBTE have sincerely supplied commercial companies, education and research institutions with authentic passive components and cables for decades. We always take pride ourselves in offering you the top-quality products with reasonable prices, outstanding customer service, timely response on quote inquiries and prompt delivery. Our products are highly reliable with exceptional specifications offering broadband frequency ranges, high isolation, low insertion loss, low VSWR which can be applied to different test scenarios to help you to simplify the test setup and obtain more accurate test results.

Types of Passive Components

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FAQs of HBTE Passive Components & Cables

What are the examples of passive components?

Common examples of passive components include: passive attenuator, loads, power divider etc.

What are the characteristics of passive components?

Passive components cannot increase the power of an electrical signal. Passive components temporarily store the electrical energy in the form of electric field or magnetic field. Passive components do not depend on the external source of voltage to perform a specific task.

Are fixed attenuator symmetrical?

Yes,They are symmetrical.

What is coaxial load?

Microwave coaxial load is a passive microwave single port device. It is widely used in microwave equipment and microwave circuit. The main function of the load is to absorb all the microwave energy from the transmission line and improve the matching performance of the circuit. The load is usually connected to the terminal of the circuit, so it is also called the terminal load or matching load.

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