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WiFi Performance

WIFI is the most widely used wireless network technology today. Smart phones, routers, iPads, laptops, CPEs and other communication products need to support WIFI function. It requires the corresponding test solutions about how to simulate the throughput of these products, whether they support 2*2, 4*4 work mode, and whether they support Mesh networking and other functions.The WIFI performance test system is the system to solve the WIFI performance test verification of these products.


Router's receiving sensitivity, throughput, stability test, analog remote test.


Provide a set of integrated test system to meet the requirements of most test scenarios.


TR-398 Indoor performance test standards

What can the complete solution do?


The complete system includes 3 shielded dark boxes, 6 programmable attenuators (4-4), 1 set of C50, several RF connection cables, and a number of WIFI antennas are evenly arranged inside of each shielded box. The antennas’ positions and directions can be adjusted according to the products which to be tested, each shielded box is equipped with a one-dimensional azimuth turntable.

A single shielded box with C50 can complete a signal throughput test and stability test, and with program-controlled attenuator, it can complete analog remote and sensitivity test. Three boxes cooperate with C50, the programmable RF attenuator can complete Mesh networking test.

It can provide a controllable, repeatable, true and objective WIFI performance test solution, which is a solution for WIFI product application performance test from user application scenarios.

It is suitable for WIFI5, WIFI6E communication test verification.


This solution consists of a shielded black box, C50, programmable attenuator, RF cable, antenna, turntable, and control protocol.

High shielding performance, up to 80dB@8GHz, the filter interface can be flexibly configured;

The antenna position can be adjusted, can adapt to a variety of different WIFI test terminals;

The scheme is modular and can be flexibly configured according to requirements.

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