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Factors Affecting the Isolation of RF Shielding Boxes

1. Radiation aspect of RF shielding box

(1) The design of the RF shielding box should ensure its continuity of conductivity, and ensure the surface finish and contact tightness of the product. At present, there are many modes in the market: die-casting, casting, sheet metal welding, etc. Die-casting boxes can better ensure the closeness of the contact between the material molecules and ensure better continuity of conductivity.

(2) Wave-absorbing foam. Wave-absorbing foam is a good material for processing radiation. Generally, the manufacture of RF shielding boxes is usually treated with wave-absorbing foam or wave-absorbing rubber. At the same time, it can also make up for the lack of surface finish of the cabinet.

(3) Shielding strip, beryllium copper shrapnel. The RF shielded test box can only ensure a good shielding effect by ensuring good continuity of conductivity. The upper and lower cover contact faces of the RF shielding box put forward new requirements on it. If other aspects are done well and the contact surfaces are not handled properly, the isolation of the RF shielding box will also be greatly reduced. Generally, the contact surface is treated with shielding strips or copper mesh, beryllium copper shrapnel, etc. You should pay attention to maintenance or regular replacement.

There is RF testing equipment provided by HBTE, such as manual shield box, shielded rack, pneumatic shield box, screen door cabinet, etc.

2. The conduction aspect of the RF shielding box

Conduction is a key part of the processing of the RF cabinet. When the product is placed in the RF shielding box for testing, it must communicate with the outside world through an interface, and a test instrument must be connected. If the interface filtering process is not good, the RF line connected to the instrument will become an antenna, and the signal will be led into the RF shielding box, then there will be no shielding effect, and the isolation will be extremely reduced. The test also cannot feedback accurate data. Therefore, the key to the isolation of the RF shielding box is the processing of the interface, and the interface filtering methods used for different frequencies of the tested products are different.

3. Other factors of the RF shield box

The isolation of the RF shielded cabinet is also somewhat related to the overall test environment. And different environments have different levels of electromagnetic interference.

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