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Welcome to the Asian Games and create a new life

     In order to welcome the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou 2022, we will enhance the physical fitness of employees, increase communication opportunities between employees of various departments, and enrich their spare-time lives. The company launched an employee sports club in June 2021, creating clubs such as running, basketball, cycling, table tennis, and badminton, with a total of more than 220 people participating.

     Since the company organized the club’s group activities twice a month, many employees have actively participated. In the movement between you and me, the employees not only strengthened their physical fitness, but also strengthened the centripetal force of a team, conveying the spirit of the Asian Games, and the whole company presents a vibrant scene. In addition, the company also allocated activity funds to various clubs for group activities between departments to encourage everyone to participate actively.

Running club: On November 21st, the running club held a holiday group run in Xianghu. Youthful footsteps and youthful vitality were fully reflected in their bodies. Run all the way, enjoy the sweating during running, the wanton free and rapid breathing, the tweeting of birds in the ear, rhythmic adjustment of breathing, five steps one inhale, five steps one exhale, sweat slips off, soaking wet clothes.

     When running, the cool breeze rushing towards the face penetrated every cell of the body, and even the chaotic head was washed thoroughly. When you are in a bad mood, you can ride on the wind and leave all your worries behind; when you are in a good mood, you can also ride on the wind, with happiness, speeding in this quiet dawn and dusk. Running is not just exercise, not just enjoyment, but moving.

      Basketball Club: Basketball is not a one-person sport. It requires teamwork, physical confrontation, the courage to challenge, and the unity and cooperation of everyone. Exercise employees' optimistic spirit and positive attitude towards life, sweating on the basketball court will also allow employees to fully stretch their bodies, circulate their blood and increase their energy. I hope you will shoot three points from a long distance and hit a hundred shots! Three-step layup, wonderful step by step!

       Cycling Club: Riding on the road, the scenery is in the heart. Cycling improves employees' cardiorespiratory function, sensitivity, prevents brain aging, reduces stress, relaxes people's body, relieves people's fatigue, and makes people feel more happy.

       Everyone who loves cycling has a different meaning to riding in his heart. It may be a self-breakthrough, or a search for memories, or a tempering of growth, but no matter what attitude it appears in. In people's hearts, it is the endorsement of a healthy and upward lifestyle. After sitting in the office for a long time, you will feel backache and back pain. Riding will make employees feel relaxed physically and mentally.

       Table Tennis Club: Table tennis is a national sport that China is proud of. It is a sport that integrates fitness, competition and entertainment. This club allows more people to understand and love national football, and actively unite the company's table tennis enthusiasts. Cultivate health awareness and competition awareness through the exchange of skills. Through club activities, improve the level of company employees' table tennis and create a positive team atmosphere. Table tennis can also improve agility and speed, and when playing table tennis regularly, the wrist can move very flexibly and strengthen the body. Table tennis is regarded as a national game and has always been far ahead of the world, proud of China and proud of table tennis!

       Badminton club: By promoting and popularizing badminton knowledge, organizing club training, and conducting various badminton-related activities, it provides a platform for the company's badminton fans to embody themselves, tap their potential, improve their personal fitness, and participate in badminton sports. The process of improving badminton skills allows employees to improve their organizational skills, communication skills, and coordination skills in the club.

The feathers draw the sky, the arc is like a rainbow bridge, the dance is like a swan! With the release of vitality, the white badminton flies in the air. Feather sings softly in the wind, which is a show of charm and a testimony of vitality.

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