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Terminal Reverberation Chamber

The radio reverberation chamber is an electrically large metal shielded chamber, including several metal mixers, turntable, reference antenna, measurement antenna, and control system. When the reference antenna transmits an electromagnetic wave signal, the signal is reflected multiple times by the metal wall and the stirrer. By rotating the stirrer continuously or steadily, the reflective boundary conditions of the chamber are changed, and a statistically homogeneous, isotropic, and the randomly polarized electromagnetic environment is formed in the chamber. Reverb chamber is traditionally mainly used in the EMC testing field and has been gradually applied in OTA testing of mobile devices in the last 20 years.


The reverberation chamber OTA test system mainly completes the following parameter tests: TRP, TIS, MIMO Throughput, and antenna efficiency. Compared with the traditional anechoic chamber test method, the reverberation chamber-based scheme has obvious advantages in terms of test efficiency and cost-effectiveness. When good statistical uniformity of electromagnetic field is achieved inside the reverberation chamber, the test accuracy is comparable to that of conventional anechoic chambers. As a result, more and more mobile terminal users begin to use the reverberation chamber to complete OTA parameter testing.

HBTE-RC-UE L is a new reverberation chamber OTA test system with rich testing functions and industry-leading test performance. It covers a frequency range of 590MHz~67GHz, and supports active SISO and MIMO OTA testing (up and down 4*4 Throughput tests) of LTE, 5G NR (FR1 & FR2), and antenna efficiency tests. UE L has superior shielding performance. The shielding performance of ub-6G and FR2 bands can reach 100dB and 80dB, respectively. This is an important premise to ensure an accurate test of OTA active parameters. UE L test accuracy has reached the industry-leading level, TRP and TIS test accuracy is within 0.5dB (typical value), which provides a strong reference for terminal OTA certification test.

UE L system test software has a very friendly UI interface, can be compatible with many brands of vector network analyzers and wireless synthesizers to complete system calibration and terminal testing, and is very flexible and convenient to use. Users can either load predefined profiles that meet the criteria directly or configure the appropriate parameters as needed in a custom mode. When the test is completed, the software automatically generates the test report.


  • Unique mixer design. It has higher mixing efficiency and shorter test time by 15%~20% than similar products.

  • More effective testing space to test larger EUTs;

  • More universal. UE L has a wider operating frequency range 

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