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Technical Help

Technical Support Team

International Calls: +86-21-59830621

Email: sales@hbtetech.com

Technical Support Hours: Monday through Friday | 9:00am - 6:00pm Central Standard Time (GMT+_8)

HBTE is committed to working more closely with our customers and if you run into any problems during use, Feel free to contact us.

1.Delivery of technical support

When our devices are delivered, we will provide the explanation documents of product installation, software usage method and the video of  function demonstration.Our professional technicians will also provide timely technical support.We strive to offer you technology support that align with your requirements.

2.Remote technical support

When you encounter problems in using our products, you can contact our technical support personnel at any time. Our engineers will deal with your seriously on a case-by-case basis, and ensure you can make use of our equipment easily. 

After-Sale Service

Service Principle:

HBTE adheres to the customer-oriented principle, the quality of survival, and the credibility of development.

 Pre-sale Services:

To provide you with the product introduction, process guide, and solution design including design and manufacture products according to your special needs.

 The Sale Of Services:

Update the production schedule every 5 days.

 After-sales Service:

We have special teamwork for after-sales support and you will find us any time, Feedback (written or telephone or e-mail) should be given within 3 working days after receiving your question.

Warranty Policy

HBTE product warranty maintenance/replacement instructions

The products produced by our company have defects in normal use, operation and maintenance since the date of acceptance. HBTE Tech is committed to offering warranty service as follows,

  • HBTE provides product quality assurance within 1 year from the date of product acceptance.

  • HBTE also provides 5x8 hour telephone technical support; after receiving the customer's questions, our company first provides service to the customer through the telephone hotline, guides the customer's related engineers to carry on the corresponding operation, completes the related service content, guarantees the customer's demand can receive the prompt accurate feedback. Telephone technical support contact information is as follows:

This service warranty does not include the following contents:

HBTE's warranty does not guarantee the damage caused by accident or unauthorized modification; if the product you purchased is not within the warranty period of our company, you need to pay the maintenance cost out of warranty (see the product parts maintenance list for details; if the product parts are not in the list, the cost should be based on the specific repair quotation).

The warranty does not apply to:

  • The defect is caused by any accessories, equipment and test methods used by the customer;

  • The product is not operated, maintained or stored in accordance with the product instructions provided by HBTE;

  • Modification or repair of products without prior written consent of HBTE;


  • Due to the different environment and system of the product, our company will not be responsible for the coverage, area of operation status of the whole system under this maintenance clause.

  • The maintenance terms are formulated in accordance with the relevant national warranty regulations. Due to the factors such as technical development and market adjustment, the contents of the terms will also be modified accordingly. For specific modifications, please refer to the notice of changes in maintenance terms issued by our company. Our company has the final right to interpret this clause.

Shipping Info

Port: Shanghai port/Ningbo port

Transportation: By express DHL/FEDEX, by vessel, airport, rail, truck.

Place of Origin: Hangzhou, China(Mainland).

Packaging Details: Wooden box or Customized.

Shipping time: 15-30 days.

Foreign Market: Southeast Asia, Mid East Eastern, Asia, Africa, Southern Europe Northern Europe, Western Europe, South Asia, Oceania South, America Eastern, North America, Central America.


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