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Environmental Testing

Environmental reliability testing refers to the ability or possibility of components, products and systems to perform specified functions without failure in a certain period of time and under certain conditions. The reliability of products can be determined by transition, failure rate and mean time between failures.

Environmental Testing
Environmental Testing

Key Advantage of Environmental Test

  • Strong develop team 

  • Standard service

  • Stable and reliable

  • Solid technical

  • Security and speed

Test Items of Environmental Test 

  • Low temperature test

  • High temperature test

  • Temperature cycling test

  • Temperature shock test

  • Hygrothermal test

  • Shell waterproof test (ipx1-ipx8)

  • Dust Test

  • Vibration test

  • Impact test

  • Package drop test

  • Salt spray test

  • Earthquake test

  • Hass / halt

Test Items of Environmental Test


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