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HBTE offers a wide range of advanced positioning equipments:
single axis, dual-axis, and multi-axis rotary positioners,
antenna masts, and linear of various lengths.

Positioning equipment is a kind of complex modern equipment with mechatronics, which plays a key role in the field of simulation and testing. It can simulate various attitude angles of the object to be tested, reproduce various dynamic characteristics of its motion, test the performance of relevant devices repeatedly, obtain sufficient test data, and redesign and improve the devices according to the data, so as to meet the performance requirements of the object to be tested.

HBTE technologies offer professional antenna positioner solutions and a series of positioning equipment, from single-axis devices to fully integrated multi-axis positioning systems. Our mmWave positioners with accurate, balanced rotation and controllable velocity are widely used for a variety of testing and measurement, pointing and other general-purpose payload positioning applications. Their excellent construction ensures maximum reliability and trouble-free operation. We're firmly convinced that the use of the HBTE 2 axis antenna positioner and 3 axis antenna positioner can help you keep leading status in the field of testing and measurement.

Types of Positioning Equipment

Video Of Positoner/Turntable


FAQS Of Positioner Equipment

What is a Positioner?

A positioner is a device that carries equipment under test that exerts or reduces pressure as necessary to make sure it achieves the correct position.

How many types of positioners in there?

There are four basic types of valve positioners: pneumatic, electronic, electro-pneumatic, and digital.

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