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How to Select an Appropriate RF Shielding Box?

1. How to determine the braking mode of the RF shielding box?

Manual shield box selection: Manual shield box is generally small in size and convenient to operate. Test mobile phones, notebooks, PADs and other equipment have corresponding size equipment. The manual shield box is suitable for research and development, testing, certification and other institutions. Generally speaking, it is based on the quantity of the tested product. If you are only developing test samples and testing in several quantities, then you can choose a manual shield box.

Pneumatic shield box selection: Pneumatic shield box is generally larger in size and is mostly used in production tests to improve test efficiency and reduce operator fatigue. Pneumatic shield box testing mobile phones, notebooks, PAD and other equipment have corresponding size equipment. If the test sample is large and the test is very frequent, it is recommended to choose a pneumatic shielded box, which can save time and energy.

Automated shield box selection: Generally, small radio frequency modules are used in large-scale production line production to improve production efficiency. If the workshop is mass-produced, you can choose a drawer-type shielded box, or it can be combined with other automated equipment to form an automated test tool, which can improve the test efficiency of the product.

2. What shape and size of RF shielding box to choose?

First of all, it is necessary to measure the size of the product under test, determine the length, height and width of the appropriate working size of the RF shielding box, and then determine which shape of the RF shielding box is more appropriate in combination with the use environment of the shielding box, such as a shell-type shielding box, a drawer-type shielding box or even a shielding cabinet.

3. How to determine the specifications of the RF shielding box?

According to the wireless frequency band of the tested product, determine the working shielding box of the radio frequency shielding box, and then determine the parameters of the wireless test environment according to the power requirements of the tested product.

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