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Automotive OTA Test System

        The Internet of Vehicles is a promising development direction for the automotive industry in the next few decades. On-board applications such as sensor sharing, augmented virtual reality, OTA upgrade, remote control, advanced autonomous driving, road safety warning, rely on the reliability, immediacy and high capacity of car-to-car, car-to-network communication. Quantitative and accurate evaluation of the in-vehicle communication system is the key for cars’ quality verification and optimization. This product provides a 5G/C-V2X performance testing solution, where by using multiple measuring antennas, turntable, automatic lifting bracket and RF system ( including PA, switch, attenuator, etc. ) , it can simulate a stable electromagnetic fading environment ( like on the real road ) in an anechoic chamber, and support quantitative and repeatable tests.

         The system can be used in factory tests to quickly verify cars’ communication performance. And it can also be used in pre-research tests to optimize product design and evaluate individual effects from modules, antennas and feeders. Based on innovations in 3GPP 37.544 standard methodologies, our solution is suitable both for independent antenna system (i.e. antenna and module can be separated) and integrated antenna system (i.e. antenna and module cannot be separated) . 

Automotive OTA Test System

Key Features of Automotive OTA Test System

  • Quick performance verification in factory tests

  • Comprehensive evaluation of vehicle performance in third-party tests

  • Product Design optimization in pre-research tests 

  • Providing suggestion for in-vehicle chip selection

  • Evaluating effects of different vehicle antenna designs

  • Comparison tests of different brands of vehicles

  • Field communication problem recurrence, troubleshooting and optimized design verification.



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