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The Convergence Development of 5G and Industrial Internet Is Accelerating

The integrated development of 5G and industrial Internet is an important direction for exploration

The Industrial Internet is the key support of the fourth industrial revolution. 5G is an important direction for the evolution and upgrading of the new generation of information and communication technologies. Both are important driving forces for the realization of the digital transformation of the economy and society.

In its policy interpretation of the "Notice", the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that accelerating the development of the integration of 5G mmWave technology and the Industrial Internet will promote the transformation of manufacturing from single-point and partial information technology applications to digital, networked, and intelligent, and it will also open up broader market space for 5G. Therefore, it can strongly support the construction of manufacturing power and network power.

The two are integrated and developed, and the multiplier effect is significant. From the perspective of the development of the Industrial Internet, 5G has the technical characteristics of high speed, large bandwidth, low latency, high reliability, and wide coverage of large connections. It is the key enabling technology of the Industrial Internet and can effectively meet the demanding security and transmission delay and reliability requirements of industrial services. From the perspective of 5G development, the focus of 5G commercialization is to promote the digital, networked, and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the real economy, and empower various vertical industries. Among them, the industrial field is one of the main application scenarios of 5G.

Convergence development of "512 Project Promotion" and "5G Industrial Internet" 

The reporter noticed that the "Notice" proposed "in-depth implementation of the "5G Industrial Internet" 512 projects." "512 Project" refers to the "5G+Industrial Internet" 512 Project Promotion Plan issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on November 19 last year. The plan is clarified that by 2022, it will break through a batch of 5G key technologies for the specific needs of the industrial Internet software, and the industrial support capacity of "5G Industrial Internet" has been significantly improved.

Generally speaking, although the integration of our country's 5G and industrial Internet is still in its infancy, the pace of exploration is very fast and it already has a good foundation for development.

According to the introduction of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the "5G Industrial Internet" has initially formed a development pattern of "two regions, three belts and multiple points" in China. Specifically, "the Yangtze River Delta region and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area have concentrated industrial practices and rich application cases. A number of typical cases have emerged in the Shandong-Henan area, Sichuan-Chongqing area, and Hunan-Hubei area. Some companies in other regions have carried out active exploration."

It is understood that in addition to manufacturing industries such as automobiles, communications and electronics manufacturing, machinery, and electricity, fields such as ports and energy have also become the application focus of the "5G Industrial Internet". On the basis of scene applications such as video surveillance and logistics and distribution, some companies have promoted the continuous deepening of 5G applications and have begun to intervene in key internal production links such as assembly and testing.

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