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PCB Log Periodic Antenna

Description of PCB log-periodic antenna: The PCB log-periodic antenna provided by HBTE has a wide working frequency band, covering 0.6-10GHz, each frequency point has superior gain, light weight, small size, and long-term, stable and reliable use. Mainly used in shielded box or shielded dark room wireless communication test, all interfaces are standard interfaces.




Polarization mode

Gain (dB)

typical value

Standing waveOutput Interface



Withstand power


1Slpda-0.8-6-D60.8-6Single-line polarization6<2SMA-K507*245*1750
2Slpda-2-8-D52-8Single-line polarization5<2SMA-J101*60*650
3Slpda-2-8-D82-8Single-line polarization8<2SMA-J110*70*650
4Slpda-2.4-7.2-D102.4-7.2Single-line polarization10<2N-K255*80*1750


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