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5W Coaxial Load

HBTE offers 5W coaxial Load which providing 5W power handing and low insertion loss across DC to 18Ghz band. It features rugged construction with your choice of SMA or N-Type connectors and a heat sink for efficient cooling. They are widely used as match ports in many multiport microwave device such as circulators and directional couplers to make these ports which are not involved in the measurement be terminated in their characteristic impedance in order to ensure an accurate measurement.

Key Features Of 5W Coaxial Load

  • Low insertion loss:It can ensure a better measurement.

  • Excellent temperature stability:It can ensure a better measurement.

  • High isolation:It is well suited for multi-ports application .

  • Low VSWR:It can provides well thru-path transmission with low signal reflection.

  • Custom design available:It can meet your request.


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