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Fixed Phase Shift Matrix


HBTE FPM Series is a high performance fixed phase shifter, it is a test system intended to provide beamforming test capabilities to the coaxial network air interface in a system test environment, between RU and UE (simulator). They are compact and integrated in standard chassis. Covering frequency bands from 1.7 to 5Ghz. The fixed phase shifter can transfer the signal reciprocally from any of the inputs ports to any of other output ports, with high phase accuracy, amplitude balance, low insertion loss, and high port-to-port isolation.

With the features of  broad working frequency range,compact design and construction and custom frequency ranges and configurations are available.

It is widely used in WiFi, WiMAX, 4G/5G LTE Testing, Link Simulation, MIMO Testing,Multipath Simulation and Performance Evaluation, Antenna Array Beam-forming, Interferometer System Simulation and Testing, and other test scenarios.

Fixed Phase Shift Matrix

Types of Fixed Phase Shift Matrix

Fixed Phase Shift Matrix

Frequency range
Insertion loss
VSWRPhase accuracy
Max. Power
1HBTE-FPM-2x1x4-1.7-2.2-S2x41.7~2.281.4±3°3850SMA (F)
2HBTE-FPM-4x4x16-1.7-2.2-S16x161.7~2.2301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
3HBTE-FPM-4x4x16-2.3-2.7-S16x162.3~2.7301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
4HBTE-FPM-4x4x16-2.5-3.6-S16x162.5~3.6301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
5HBTE-FPM-4x4x16-3.3-3.8-S16x163.3~3.8301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
6HBTE-FPM-4x4x16-3.3-4.2-S16x163.3~4.2301.55±6°3850SMA (F)
7HBTE-FPM-4x4x16-4.4-5-S16x164.4~5301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
8HBTE-FPM-8x1x4-1.7-2.2-S8x41.7~2.2121.45±3°3850SMA (F)
9HBTE-FPM-8x1x4-2.3-2.7-S8x42.3~2.7121.45±3°3850SMA (F)
10HBTE-FPM-8x1x4-4.4-5-S8x44.4~5131.45±3°3850SMA (F)
11HBTE-FPM-8x2x16-1.7-2.2-S16x161.7~2.2301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
12HBTE-FPM-8x2x16-2.3-2.7-S16x162.3~2.7301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
13HBTE-FPM-8x2x16-2.5-3.6-S16x162.5~3.6301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
14HBTE-FPM-8x2x16-3.3-3.8-S16x163.3~3.8301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
15HBTE-FPM-8x2x16-3.3-4.2-S16x163.3~4.2301.55±8°3850SMA (F)
16HBTE-FPM-8x2x16-4.4-5-S16x164.4~5301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
17HBTE-FPM-8X4X8-2.4-2.7-S32x82.4~2.7201.5±6°3850SMA (F)
18HBTE-FPM-8x4x16-1.7-2.2-S32x161.7~2.2301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
19HBTE-FPM-8x4x16-2.3-2.7-S32x162.3~2.7301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
20HBTE-FPM-8x4x16-3.3-3.8-S32x163.3~3.8301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
21HBTE-FPM-8x4x16-3.3-4.2-S32x163.3~4.2301.55±8°3850SMA (F)
22HBTE-FPM-8x4x16-3.7-3.97-S32x163.7~3.97301.5±6°3850SMA (F)
23HBTE-FPM-8x4x16-4.4-5-S32x164.4~5301.5±6°3850SMA (F)

FAQs of Fixed Phase Shift Matrix

What is phase shift?

Phase shifting works by taking the input signal and adding a very small amount of delay to it, and then mixing it back with the original (non-delayed) signal so that certain frequencies of the audio are in or out of phase with each other. The time delay is modulated so the delay amount changes with time.

Why is a phase shift important?

Because of the predominantly inductive character of the power system, an active power flow between source and load must be accomplished with a phase lag between the terminals. Phase-shifting transformers are a preferred tool to achieve this goal.

Can a phase shift be negative?

Sure, a negative phase shift indicates a movement to the right, and a positive phase shift indicates movement to the left.

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