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Programmable RF Attenuator Matrix

HBTE carries a wide range of programmable attenuator with a broad selection of attenuation levels, frequency ranges and power dissipation ranges. Programmable attenuator can control the attenuation of signal and adjust the signal energy value of different channels.When you are doing some tests like base station tests, UE tests, WiFi tests, etc, you can choose HBTE programmable attenuator to simulate the strength of the signal energy.

Programmable RF Attenuator Matrix
Programmable RF Attenuator Matrix
Programmable RF Attenuator Matrix

Key Features 

  • Compact structure, small space occupation

  • Support local manual control, configuration and view device status.

  • Support remote control, flexibly configure IP adress, adapt to any laboratory network environment.

  • Multi-in-one network port, to achieve device control, firmware upgrade, remote debug, one key remote device restart.

  • Support multi-user control and support user permission settings.

  • With standard API interface, support through Telnet, Python, SCPI protocol control device, to meet the needs of user automation testing.

  • Completely independent RF attenuation channels, and the energy of each signal is adjusted separately.

  • Adopt solid state device with good continuity, repeatability, and reliability, support 7*24H uninterrupted operation.

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