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L Series Low Loss Flexible Cable Assembly

The L series cable is imported from the United States. The working frequency band covers DC-6GHz. It has the characteristics of low loss, high power and good flexibility. It is a kind of RF coaxial cable with excellent performance. The cable has excellent durability and additional environmental protection. Measures to maintain good performance both indoors and in the field.

It is widely used in the fields of microwave communication and microwave measurement, such as communication base stations, RFID systems, satellite communication systems, military communications, and some radars with strict cost control.

frequency (MHz)1504509001500200025005800
PL061Attenuation value dB/100m11.920.829.838.945.250.980.1
Average power/CW55031022017014013080
PL050Attenuation value dB/100m17.330.443.456.865.974.2116.7
Average power/CW350200140100908050


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