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Laboratory Intelligent Monitoring System

In the laboratory environment, there will be a variety of test scenarios, but also a variety of abnormal situations will occur, such as the occurrence of power overload, fire, smoke, toxic gases, and other factors affecting safety in the test species; or the deviation of experimental results due to changes in environmental factors; so it is necessary to be able to monitor the various safety abnormalities in the laboratory in real-time, and record each time period; Environmental changes. When a safety accident is found, the alarm can be given in time, and the power supply or gate of the corresponding laboratory can be closed to the maximum extent, so as to prevent the accident from expanding, and all data of the abnormal process can be sent out for analysis at any time.

HBTE provides a solution that can real-time monitor the power consumption of each laboratory, indoor environment, and record all data during operation. You can also control the power consumption of each laboratory intelligently, but there are potential risks such as overload, you can timely alarm, for abnormalities, you can automatically power off the corresponding room. The alarm can be given in time when such situations as radiation, toxic gases, and smoke may endanger personal safety.


In this solution, the environment acquisition terminal is installed in each laboratory, and the corresponding collector is connected to collect and calculate various environmental data; the electrical parameter acquisition terminal is installed in each distribution room. Through the network cable, the data of all the environment acquisition terminals and electrical parameter acquisition terminals are collected by the switch to a computer, and the corresponding software is used to collect, analyze and record the data. The corresponding real-time parameters are displayed in the building plan, and the corresponding dynamic data curve is generated. The on-site environment is analyzed, and the abnormal room is compared Treatment of emergency.

Main components:

Computer, switch, electrical parameter acquisition terminal, remote power controller, environment acquisition terminal, smoke collector, radiation collector, temperature collector, door state collector, noise collector, formaldehyde collector, and other gas collectors (optional)

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