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With the development of the communication industry, it has entered the 5G era. Performance evaluation of 5G base stations is a hot topic in this industry. Unlike traditional base stations, 5G base stations cannot use conduction test methods to test the radiation performance of base stations, because the antenna units and radio frequency units of the base stations are integrated together. For the test of the 5G base station, the measurement technology of OTA must be introduced to verify the performance of beam acquisition and beam tracking. The OTA test of the base station has three test methods: far field, near field and compact field. However, Due to the high frequency of 5G and the large space loss, the far-field test is hardly considered for its large space loss. The near field test has poor accuracy and can only test some unilateral performance. CATR antenna test system uses a physical near-field scheme to achieve a far-field test, which overcomes the problems of large space loss and poor test accuracy. It is a base station test method approved by the 3GPP standard.

CATR antenna test is an indirect far-field test method, which uses mirrors to perform physical near-field to far-field transformation. The beam reflected from the parabolic mirror becomes a collimated beam. The transition from spherical wavefront to plane wavefront makes the large dead zone have very small amplitude and phase ripple. Therefore, the compact field is a good choice in the test scenario where space distance and loss are required, which can not only give consideration to the accuracy of the test index but also reduce the space demand of the site. CATR antenna test system consists of the test environment, test hardware and test software. The CATR antenna test environment includes a darkroom, control room, reflector, dut turntable, feed turntable, RF link system and antenna. The test hardware includes test instruments such as a vector network analyzer, signal source and spectrum analyzer. The test software can control the hardware and environment. With the test software independently developed by our company, it can meet the OTA test from 1-100ghz. CATR test system can be used for the active tests, such as effective Omni-directional radiated power EIRP, total Omni-directional radiated power Trp, total Omni-directional receiving power tis, effective Omni-directional receiving sensitivity EIRS. It can also be used for passive tests of antenna, such as antenna gain, beam width, cross polarization level, sidelobe level, front to back ratio, zero depth, pattern, etc.


  • Integration design, configuration flexible.

  • Excellent dead zone performance index

  • Independent research and development of RF transceiver link with good facilities. 

  • Self-developed software which can meet the requirements of special scenario test software development.

  • The anechoic chamber has high shielding performance, up to 100dB at 1-40ghz

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