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Dual-polarized Vivaldi Antenna

HBTE dual-polarized Vivaldi antenna has a frequency range of 0.7-7.2ghz, a gain of 5dB (typical value), a low standing wave of 2.0:1 (typical value), and a connector model of sma-k. It is an ideal antenna for broadband applications and is suitable for a phased array. It can be perfectly matched with a variety of spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes or RF measuring instruments. The dual-polarized Vivaldi antenna adopts a dual-polarization mode and has SMA and K-type connectors.

Specification of Dual-polarized Vivaldi Antenna


Method Gain (dB)

Typical value

Standing WavePort Isolation
Output InterfAce Size
Withstand Power

1DV-0.4-8-D4-PCB0.4-8Dual polarization4<3>20SMA-K222*65*6550
2DV-0.59-7.2-D5-PCB0.59-7.2Dual polarization5<2>18SMA-Kφ132*9150
3DV-0.7-7.2-D4-PCB0.7-7.2Dual polarization4<2>23SMA-Kφ115*7950
4DV-1.8-6-D5-PCB1.8-6Dual polarization5<2>25SMA-Kφ92*12950
5DV-2-5-D5-PCB2-5Dual polarization5<2>25SMA-K124*60*6050
6DV-2-7.2-D5-PCB2-7.2Dual polarization5<2>24SMA-Kφ66*7150
7DV-3-7-D4-PCB3-7Dual polarization4<2>30SMA-K53*53*7950
8DV-4-7-D5-PCB4-7Dual polarization5<2>20SMA-Kφ63*8550


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