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High Power Log Periodic Antenna

The high-power log-periodic antenna provided by HBTE has a wide working frequency band, covering 0.03-9GHz, each frequency point has superior gain, light weight, high strength, and can be used in a long-term, stable and reliable manner. Mainly used in EMC darkroom test and other military wireless communication test scenarios. The packaging is simple and easy to transport. At the same time, this product design approach minimizes the need for tools during installation. The standard tripod can be configured according to the customer's requirements as an optional material, and all interfaces are standard interfaces.




Polarization mode

Gain (dBi)

Typical value

Standing waveOutput Interface



Withstand power


1Slpda-0.03-1-D8-ZZ0.03-1single polarization8<2.5(Typical value)N-K1208*1525 *548mm400
2Slpda-0.03-3-D8-ZZ0.03-3single polarization8<2.5(Typical value)N-K1443*1552 *650mm400
3Slpda-0.08-4-D10-ZZ0.08-4single polarization10<2.0(Typical value)N-K1456*592*1386400
4Slpda-0.18-1.5-D2-ZZ0.18-1.5single polarization8<2.0(Typical value)N-K973.9*760.6*83400
5Slpda-0.7-2.7-D10-ZZ0.7-2.7single polarization10<2.0N-K600*240*80400
6Slpda-0.7-9-D10-ZZ0.7-9single polarization10<2.0N-K780*172*365mm400


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